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How does scoring on articles work?

As we are planning to launch two additional journals, Hypothesis Matters and Reproducibility Matters, we would like to inform our users about the updated policy on the scoring system for our journals. At ScienceMatters, we are of the opinion that all scientifically sound articles, should be published, regardless of the novelty or perceived impact. Thus, we have decided that the technical quality and scientific rigor of the article will now weigh 50% (instead of 33.33% as in the previous scoring) and 50% for conceptual advance and impact.

The scoring system for each of the journals


Scoring category 50% (0-10)

Scoring category 50% (0-10)

Matters & Matters Select*

Technical quality

Conceptual advance & Impact

Hypothesis Matters

Logic & Scientific rigor

Conceptual advance & Impact

Reproducibility Matters

Technical quality


* Articles scored 8 or above in both categories are published in Matters Select.

The two scores get aggregated to a total score between 0-20.

The median of all total scores is the rating of the articles that is displayed. At least 2 total scores from 2 different reviewers are collected and averaged per document.

The reviewers who score the manuscripts don't know the author names. See:  What is triple blindness?